Ski touring

Ski touring is the most natural way to enjoy the mountains in winter, in close contact with the environment: descovering landscapes, peaks, snow and sensations that will leave you speechless. The proposals range from the approach for newbies, developing basic techniques in gentle and relaxed slopes to longer trips, conquering isolated peaks, touring over sought-after technical paths, all for unique sensations in spectacular environments.
From 300 euros, depending on itinerary and number of participants.

A few proposals:

Easy: Mondevàl and Corvo Alto

Walk in paradise, suitable for everyone, ideal
for adventuring into the world of ski touring.

Medium: Cadini di Misurina

Tours through the Cadini forks developing ski-touring techniques for ascent and descent between canals, forks and uncontaminated panoramas.

Difficult: Tofana di Ròzes

Conquer one of the symbolic mountains of the Dolomites, climb with seal skins using rope, pickaxes and crampons to reach the top, and then ski down to the valley.

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